About Us

“Be yourself, but always be your better self.”Karl Maeser

About Beyond Thinking

At Beyond Thinking we respect tradition, yet we are committed to challenging traditional thinking in order to enhance our clients' experiences and outcomes.

As a business, we recognise the awesome use of technology and technological advancement in client engagement and customer experience. At the same time, we also recognise the true value in human connection and enjoy working with people and organisations that recognise this balance as well.
Through our experience and business interactions, we understand that our clients' optimum performance is unique. It will vary, depending on the individual or organisation and the context it's applied to. It may also be dependant on the benchmark they are measuring themselves against. It could be as simple as doing the right things, at the right time, to get the right results!
Therefore, we create bespoke individual solutions, that deliver specific outcomes to specific challenges.
If you or your organisation would like to increase your personal or organisational growth and deliver meaningful transformation especially in a sales or sales leadership context, we'd love to chat further.


About Nick

Nick's clients say that he is a great coach who shows them how to achieve the results and performances they strive for. Nick says, "It’s better to read my clients' testimonials as an indication of my credentials rather than take my word for it."
Nick is the Founder of Beyond Thinking, an Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, NLP Trainer, Executive Coach and Mentor.
He has operated as a Management Consultant and International Sales Director within emerging markets including the Middle East and Asia and held senior roles such as Senior Executive Officer for a global asset management business. He has built and developed international sales distribution businesses and been Head of Learning for a global insurance business within the Gulf.
Nick’s experience is extensive. He has an MBA, is a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management and is a mentor with Reach Mentoring.
He is the creator of the 5D Sales Coaching System - a system he developed through years of sales experience which enhances individual and organisational sales excellence. It delivers consistent increases in sales performance through a systematic process to sales coaching.