The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail

Is story telling the holy grail of communication ?

With remote working and less face to face interactions a seemingly inevitable outcome. How important is the use of metaphor and or, story telling in business ?

The holy grail, a real and or symbolic vessel, carrying her secrets over time with all the history that encompasses it. Through the scriptures of Joseph of Arimathea to the Arthurian legends. The table of the last supper, to the knights of the roundtable; Where our interpretations and our enlightenment, dance mentally between history and fantasy. Where the meaning, the abstractions of devotion, valour and service are worthy virtues; for both priests and knights in the pursuit of “Summum Bonum” our highest good.

The Knight sat on his stallion pressing the heels down, with his feet firmly in the stirrups steadying himself in the saddle. He paused to breath, taking up and elevated position on the dunes, placing the sun directly behind him. This would give him a slight advantage against any oncoming enemy riders should the need arise. He surveyed the seemingly desolate sand trail in front of him; all the way to the horizon. The Simoom had gone, the temperatures had not, with the mirage of illusionary water in the distance and the sun burning his exposed skin under the desert sky. A mild wind blew hot air across the sand, as he watched it lifting and swirling like tiny little dust devils, as it past under his chainmail bringing him little relief from the heat. He had realised sometime ago as a knight, that it had never been his individual quest, to find the grail. His individual motivation was much more insular, glory in battle and his personal elevation to become a knight. Over time, he came to learn that the quest is the Grails; It is the grail that finds the person, those who are truly committed, devoted and disciplined. The people who are on a path of self discovery; On a quest to understand themselves, understand their true potential and maximise their lives.

He reached down to his saddle bag and pulled out the Grail, he gazed in awe, upon the vessel before him;

The power, he felt it instantly, a feeling, a recognition that his true potential was within reach; The voice in his head told him, that all hope, is in our possibility to change; And change was in every moment, the constant moment, he called time.

The Ying and Yang, optimist or pessimist, it was up to him to decide what filled the cup; It was his decision, on whether it was blood or wine; Whether he saw the light, or the darkness in the abyss.

The years of experience, a constant demonstration of devotion, self discipline and fearlessness had made him the perfect choice to protect the grail.

The remembrance of those that had gone before, filled his thoughts; “Often it is knowing what we really seek, and why we seek it, that starts our quest; Our quest is to find our own individual meaning, for a life well lived; Yet it is our focused intentions and actions, that bring it forth into reality.”


He had learned that a life well lived, was his ability to maximise his true potential; To change and evolve into a true leader, to demonstrate his highest good, to himself and those around him; His consciousness filled with his intent, he kicked the horse on, now was the time action.

He felt an excitement, an exhilaration from the endorphins, as he focused his thoughts; With such a treasure in his possession, a meaningful new life in his grasp, as he galloped of towards his future.

Perhaps it is our creativity, our art of crafting language, that adds to our experience. Our ability to create stories and use metaphors to communicate unconsciously; To weave our language into our daily lives, altering and changing our sensory experience, evoking certain states, in my opinion, is part of what makes us human. I believe that the abstract rather than just the concrete, adds depth to our interactions and has exceptional value in leadership and business.

So is story telling the Holy Grail of communication ? or will it be lost in the seemingly transactional virtual world?

Perhaps, with the momentum of technology and remote working forming a utilitarian approach to business and business communication. This new way of working is unquestionably efficient, has many benefits and is certainly good for shareholders, as time is money; However for some, it maybe come at the cost of greater expression, certainly in the wider context of communication. Where the use of non verbal cues, the use of metaphor, story telling may diminish as a skill overtime. Also, our connection to others, our connection to our teams, is going to be more difficult, especially if you only ever meet remotely over a communication platform. Establishing trust, deepening our relationships, where sensing and feeling the mood of others is lost, in the new world of home conferencing.

Storytelling in the new world of communication seems to be like “the excel spreadsheet ” Its Functional, even useful, yet you wouldn’t take it drinking !

Stay safe and keep maximising your potential.

Nick Savastano International coach and Mentor Founder Beyond Thinking

Co-Founder Boutique Financial Services Search Business