A winner's journey is seldom taken alone.

“ People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do.”Lewis Cass

What We Do


We build sales capabilities and capacity through resourcing initiatives for our clients' businesses.
As markets become more niche and competitive, the acquisition of talent is vital.We assist you with a successful overall talent strategy.

Sales & Performance Coaching

We improve and grow individual performances.
Our Sales and Performance Coaching and 5D Sales Coaching Model are designed to bring about transformational change through our unique coaching techniques that enhance existing sales performance.

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Beyond Thinking Academy

We create bespoke training and development programs for individuals and groups.
We address specific performance gaps identified by our clients and create unique training programs to assist them in achieving their goals.

Sales Distribution

Our sales distribution and channel partner business works with clients that have a specific requirement to distribute and or, develop business to business relationships. We work with Companies as an indirect sales distribution partner which help to reduce costs, to take advantage of additional resources and break into new markets.


Dan Dowding

Entrepreneur, Investor, Performance Athlete

“Nick has an empathetic understanding of the people he works with, he genuinely understands, that his success, is based on you achieving success yourself. Nick really understands the power of good relationships in business. Being a true practitioner, his breath of insight and years of experience, remain as relevant today in this rapidly and constantly changing business environment as they have ever been. The think I like about Nick was he is a great communicator, with a low threshold for bullshit.”

Brendan Dolan

Global Head of Sales Old Mutual International

“I have worked with Nick over the years from a business perspective in my role, as well as a coach. Nick has a unique skill set, especially if you are in Financial services, due to his ability to understand the complexities of the sector. As a coach, what I found was Nick had the ability to turn that complexity into simplicity, using metaphor and transformational language, in away that challenged you're thinking. I have certainly, benefited from both a business and personal perspective from Nicks coaching and would recommend anyone in Sales leadership to use Nick. I have also used Nick for certain training interventions with my Sales teams.”

Sara Amara

Senior Global Strategic Products HSBC

“My journey with Nick as my performance coach has been outstanding experience. Nick always challenged my thinking, to which I have seen tremendous career progression within HSBC.Nick has given me the ability to identify my own solutions, see beauty in my quirkiness and build on my strengths. Nick has helped me to unlock my potential, whilst allowing me to off load the old negative habits that held me back, especially within my career. I know have a global role, yet more importantly I have significantly grown as an individual. Working with Nick has been a real eye opener and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to have Nick as a coach.”

Nigel Sillitoe

CEO and Founder of Insight Discovery

“I have known Nick and used him for many years as a business adviser and personal coach, he has a real talent for coaching and given his financial services background as given me invaluable guidance in my business. Nick can be very direct with his communication style which I like, yet if you don’t do what you agree with him he can be brutal. Nick and I are now friends and I continue to use him as a business advisor with my business.”

Simon Fielder

CEO and Founder Ryland Gray

“I ran a multi-disciplinary, multicultural, Multi-faith business and team across the Middle East, Nick lead a serious of educational, motivational, and inspirational driven sessions. He helped provide focus, clarity, and purpose through his coaching and communication which allowed the business to drive growth into new markets. His coaching and training created confidence in my team to deal with any sales whether new or existing clients.”

Paul Temperton

CFA ,Founder and CEO of TIER CO ltd

“I have known Nick for more than 10 years initially our connection was in the financial services industry, of which we are “veterans”. Nick is a charismatic individual with a high degree of Emotional intelligence. Recently, Nick has deftly overlaid this experience with his deep knowledge of new techniques of behavioural finance and NLP. Nick has become, over the years, a trusted advisor and mentor to me. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone in search of a coach and mentor who wants fresh advice in our challenging world.”

Alex Tatalovic

NLP life Coach, Entrepreneur

"Nick is an excellent coach, he has a natural balance between people and his technical skills. He really has the potential to rewire your thinking to deliver peak performance. His coaching style is challenging and invaluable if you are wanting to improve your personal performance."

James Stirzaker

Marketing and Communication specialist HADID International Services

“Nick is a a great coach and mentor and with his wealth of experience and his NLP he gets you to maximise your personal results. The experience I had was Nick really understands the subtleties of human relationships and with his mentorship and coaching enabled me to full understand the key elements of the sales process and achieve better results. As an aside Nick also help me with overcoming a phobia and the cessation of my smoking.”

Suzie Co

Founder and Restaurant Entrepreneur

“Nick is a great life and business coach that helped me navigate a challenging time in my life and business. Nick has the ability to get you to really challenge your internal assumptions and fundamentally expand your thinking as a person. Nicks business experience, overlaid with his love for coaching, make him a valuable asset to entrepreneurs and people wanting to change.”

Oksana Maksymchenco

M&A and fund raising specialist Middle East . Emirates Capital

“Nick is an experience coach and mentor, who I first meet through his Pro bono work with a female networking group called Reach Middle East. I found that Nick really helps you to solve your own issues and gets you to be self reliant. What I like about Nicks coaching was, he literally stretch my thinking to a different level way beyond my previous boundaries. I was able to built confidence clarity and an inner calm, that I didn’t believe I had before our sessions.”

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